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Jewish education is expensive! We understand and know that many of you require financial assistance to make Jewish school and camp experiences possible for your children. Many Jewish preschools and ALL Jewish day schools, religious schools, camps, and special needs programs have funding in place to help you.

We encourage you to speak directly with the staff at the programs you are considering for financial aid information. Every institution has its own financial aid policies and processes and they are not all capable of giving at the same level. BJE funds are only distributed through the schools. It is best to ask early and to disclose honestly and thoroughly the information requested of you.

Additional Resources: 

Sleep Away Camp 
One Happy Camper, a program of the Jewish Federation of Los Angeles, the Jim Joseph Foundation, the Foundation for Jewish Camp and the Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles, is a great resource for families sending children to Jewish sleep-away camp for the first time. Generous grants are available through One Happy Camper! https://www.jewishcamp.org/one-happy-camper or (323) 761-8345.

Eligibility criteria for first-time* campers

  • $1,000 grant for campers enrolled for 19+ consecutive days
  • $700 grant for campers enrolled for 12-18 consecutive days
  • Must be entering grades 2-12 (after camp)
  • Do not attend Jewish day school or yeshiva 
  • Attending a nonprofit, Jewish, overnight camp in California

*Only campers who have never attended camp for any period of time are eligible for first-time camper grants.

Interest-Free Loans 

Through the provision of interest-free loansFree Loan Association (JFLA) assists families in spreading out their payments for Jewish schooling and camp. Contact [email protected] or (323) 761-8830,  https://www.jfla.org/